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ASEF, one of the Iranian oldest think tanks, is an independent, nonpartisan organization devoted to research, analysis, and corporate learning with an emphasis on futures study and research, best practices and policies benchmarking, objective analysis of challenges and opportunities, and devising effective and home-grown solutions. ASEF is located in Tehran, Capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is sponsored by its clients.



ASEF tries to help Iranian administration, corporations and the public at large to more wisely choose and create the futures they prefer by:

  • providing techniques for social transformation, decision analysis and smart choices that will instill vision ;

  • sharing insights gained from leading-edge futures research centers and think tanks around the world to constantly expand the body of knowledge; and

  • developing practices that sustain organizational success in the present while consciously investing in endeavors that expand opportunities for future generations.



ASEF leads in the discovery and creation of knowledge-based Iran. People in organizations, communities and government benefit from our drive to constantly think beyond the edge. We develop and teach our methods and processes and plant seeds for the next generation so that they will benefit from this material and intellectual heritage.



  • Satisfaction and Progress of Customers and Clients

  • Life-long Learning

  • Value-Focused Thinking

  • Gatekeeping Ideas

  • Reaching World-Class Standards


Our History and Fields of Activity :

Founded by Aghil Malakifar in 1997, ASEF has been offering a unique blend of interdisciplinary research, global focus, and accessible writing that has made it a leading source of Farsi information on the interactions among key driving forces of the future. Mr. Malakifar has more than 19 years of executive as well as research experience in several public and private research centers. He has written and translated extensively on future study and management of technology. He is a founder member of the Iranian Association of Management of Technology (IRAMOT) and was also chief-editor of the “Gostaresh-e-Sana’t”, a weekly journal which is published by Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO).

ASEF conducts research and provides analysis to address challenges that face the Islamic Republic of Iran. ASEF emphasizes several areas of research including future study, strategic management and decision making, management of technology , IT strategic management and technopreneurship which reflect the changing nature of a global knowledge-based society. Much of this research is carried out on behalf of public clients. ASEF strives to formulate and support clear-cut policy recommendations and is committed to communicate its findings to a wide Farsi-speaking audience. This is accomplished in many ways including workshops, presentations and publications, many of which are available free on this Web site.

We add value to futures intelligence through our skills in organizational learning, decision analysis, and vision and strategy development. ASEF specializes in aiding Iranian organizations and individuals to more wisely choose and create their preferred futures and works with clients to create forecasts, scenarios, goals and strategies that are the essential tools for transforming organizations to succeed in times of rapid change. Our work is based on original state-of-the-art methodology and analytical approaches. The methods and tools are useful to both Iranian decision makers and the scientific community.
Our staff, individually and collectively, are recognized and respected as trusted consultants for transformation to a knowledge-based society. Managers inspired by our work are more inclined and more capable of thinking in a futures context. Their decision-making is recognizably more strategic, systemic, and global.

In its many projects, ASEF has developed unique forms of facilitation that encourage an openness to exploring the future and assist rapid learning by experts and professionals. Operating from a thoughtful base of futures research, ASEF meetings have stimulated policy discussions and facilitated strategic planning efforts for many public Iranian organizations. The dialogue produced in these meetings and the associated written materials have created both greater insight into current practices and foresight about the impact that trends and emerging issues might have.


Contact Information :

Office Address : No. 6, First Floor, Baran Building, Fathi Saghagi St. - Vali-e-Asr St., Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Tel : (+9821) 88632537 - 88632538
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